I’ve written already about modifying Kicker scoring settings to make them more interesting, but in this post, I want to take a quick dive into two scoring settings at QB and RB.


I hear it all the time in Fantasy Football analyst podcasts when they do mock drafts: “Get rid of the Kicker.” You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who does rankings and analysis on Kickers. Read articles about starting a new Fantasy Football league and they'll advise you to dump the Kicker position on the starting roster.


In this post, I want to write about how you determine what your philosophy (and therefore settings) should be around trades within your league. This post will be irrespective of what format you're playing, but I will talk about how format may influence your settings.


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#LeagueFormat – Here is where I will drill into different things a Commissioner might think about if the league format is Dynasty, Keeper, Redraft, etc.

#Platforms – Here is where I will assess different Fantasy Football platforms and give tips on how to use them. I will also drill into ancillary tools you can use.

#LeagueSettings – In this section, I will drill into different league settings you'll want to think about, from scoring settings to roster configuration to trades, waivers, and more.

#SoftStuff – This section is about all of those things that aren't core to the game of Fantasy Football – the people and money stuff.


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There is a lot of content on the internet about Fantasy Football. Articles, rankings, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more – but they're all mostly from a Manager point-of-view.